Run a `godoc` Server Locally to See Documentation for Unpublished Packages

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Gophers care a lot about documentation and people appreciate it immensely when you have a great overview, succinct summaries, great examples, and helpful details about gotchas.

Often it’s only after publishing a library and then perusing the generated documentation on that you start seeing the missing bits and pieces. Typos jump out. Awkward phrases make you want to cringe. You realize that you really need a good example for that one core function.

The publish–review–fix–republish cycle can be pretty tedious, and it makes for a noisy commit log.

A great way to short-circuit this cycle is to run a godoc server locally so that you can click around the documentation for your project in your own browser.

Pick a port to run the server on, say 6060, and start it with the following command:

godoc -http=":6060"

Then you can browse all the installed packages at localhost:6060/pkg. You don’t have to restart the server to get the changes when you edit a doc comment, just save the file and refresh the page in the browser.

For more about documenting your projects, check out the article Godoc: Documenting Go Code by Andrew Gerrand on the official Go blog.